THE HIKE  | Free Children Book

THE HIKE | Free Children Book

Mandy and grandpa went on a hike . But it was more than that. Together they explored the woods, learnt to be at peace with nature and talked their hearts out about things that mattered. It was a special bond between them and you’ve got to read this great free illustrated children’s book to experience it. Happy Exploring!!

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Free Children's Book
Free Children's Book
Mandy was lucky as she and her mother
lived with her grandparents
and she liked nothing better than to
spend time with her grandfather.
You see, he was always making something
and she enjoyed watching,
learning, and sometimes even helping him
finish whatever he was doing.
Free Children's Book
“Grandfather, what are you building in your
workshop today?” Mandy asked. She giggled as she said, “It looks like you’re playing with two long sticks.” “Well Mandy,” he said. “I am going to make two walking sticks
with your help, one for you,
and one for me. Then I have a surprise.”
“Alright!” Mandy shrieked. “Where do I start?”
After some time, Mandy (with her grandfather’s help) finished the walking sticks. they were two of the most beautiful walking sticks
she had ever seen.
Free Children's Book
With the bark removed, they were sandedsmoothand eachhad a funny looking face carved in them.“Theseare really nice,” Mandy said. “But just what dowe do with them?” “Ah, that is the surprisegranddaughter,” he replied.
“Tomorrowmorning we are going on a hike in the woods andthese walking sticks will help make the hike easier.So now it’s time to clean up andgo to sleep so we are well rested for the hike.”
Free Children's Book
The next morning, Mandy did not need an alarm to wake her.
She was up, dressed, and ready to go as the sun rose and the day began.
She went to the kitchen
and saw that her grandfather was busy packing
sandwiches, water, snacks, and other items
into their backpacks. “It looks like we are going
to be hiking for a long time,” Mandy said.

Free Children's Book

“It will be an all day hike,” He replied.
“I think we have everything so grab your
walking stick and let’s go.” “What about
breakfast?” Mandy asked. “Oh, did I forget to mention that we are going to stop and
have breakfast at a diner?”
he said with a smile. Their journey began.

Free Children's Book
After a great breakfast and a long drive, they
arrived at the base of a mountain and the
beginning of the trail. “This is beautiful,” Mandy said. “Just where are we hiking?” “To the very top of the mountain where we will have lunch, rest, maybe take a swim,
and then hike back down,” he replied.
“Swim!” Mandy said excitedly.
“Is there a lake on the top of the mountain?”
“Yes,” her Grandfather replied.
Free Children's Book
“There is a pond surrounded by big flat rocks. It was carved from the mountain during the last Ice Age and is filled with clear, cold water.”
“Wow!” was all Mandy could say.
As they hiked up the mountain, Mandy asked many, many questions. What kind of tree is that? How high are we? Are there bears around here? Are there any other people up here? What do we do if we get lost? Are there snakes? And of course: Are we there yet?
Free Children's Book
Her grandfather answered all her questions
the best he could and explained
that they were in a very natural area.
Not many people, all sorts of wild life, even bears. He helped her understand and respect
the natural beauty around them,
particularly the animals.
He taught her how to use a compass,
and things to help them
be safer while they hiked.
Free Children's Book
Like before stepping over a log put your
walking stick on the other side to let any
animal, like a snake, know you are there.
Whistle a song or make some noise to let the bigger animals know you are in their area.
In a soft voice, her grandfather said.
“Mandy, there are a few things
to remember when you are hiking or
anywhere for that matter.
The Earth is our mother take care of her.
All life is sacred; treat all life with respect.
Take from the Earth what is needed
and nothing more. Enjoy your journey
but leave no tracks.”
Free Children's Book

As they hiked a little farther, the forest opened and Mandy saw the pond surrounded by large flat rocks. They had arrived, and it was almost
like being in a different world.

Mandy picked a large rock that extended out into the water for them to rest on. It had been warmed by the sun and was
the perfect place for lunch.
Free Children's Book

As her grandfather unpacked their food, she leaned over and wiggled her fingers
in the cold water.
Immediately several small fish came
by and nibbled at her fingers.
She shrieked in surprise and then,
realizing the fish were just curious, placed her
hand back into the water and watched
as the fish darted around her fingers.
She laughed and played with the fish until
she heard her grandfather say “Time for lunch.”

Free Children's Book


After lunch and a resting period,
they took a swim. The water was deep
and Mandy couldn’t reach the bottom no matter
how hard she tried. She giggled each time
a curious fish nibbled at her body and watched
a deer come down to have a drink.
It was a wonderful day and she was saddened
when she heard her grandfather say, “Mandy, it’s time to dry off and begin
the hike down to the car.”
After making sure everything was just like
it was when they arrived, they began
their hike down the mountain.


Free Children's Book
After a short time Mandy asked, “grandfather, can we take a different trail down
the mountain?” “I don’t see why not,”
he replied.

After a short time, the trail began blending into the surrounding brush and then disappeared. “I’m scared,” Mandy said. “I think we are lost.”
“No, we’re not lost,” her grandfather, said. “But we aren’t on a trail so we will have to continue hiking down the mountain
in the direction of the car.
Just enjoy the surroundings and being
together on our first hiking adventure.”
Free Children's Book
As they continued down Mandy said.
I have a problem at school and I don’t know
who to talk to,” “Talk to me,” he said.
“I’d like to but you are my grandfather
and you may get angry because you are family
and not, well, like a friend.”

Now Mandy’s grandfather had to do some
serious thinking. After all,
she was right that as her
grandfather, he may get angry or his feelings
hurt but she needed a big person as a friend.
“Mandy,” he said in a serious tone.
Free Children's Book
“If I were to promise that anything
we talked about would stay between us,
and that I would not get angry or talk to you as
your grandfather, but rather as an old friend;
would you talk with me?” “Is that a promise?”
she asked. “Yes,” he said softly.
“And you know I have never broken a promise
to you.” She gave him a big hug, and began
to talk. Soon they were at the bottom
of the mountain and packing the car.
Free Children's Book
Before leaving, her grandfather thought for a minute and said. “Granddaughter, anytime you need me as your friend, and not your grandfather, pick up your walking stick and ask to go on a hike.
It will be our secret code.”

“This was the best day ever,” Mandy said. “I was with my grandfather, my new best friend, and I have a talking/walking stick.”
Free Children's Book

 A heartwarming family story about a little girl and her best friend – her grandfather. On a hiking trip with her grandfather, Mandy learns many gentle lessons about love, family and relationships. This book is a must on every child’s bookshelf.


Please share our books with your friends and family to support our mission. Thank you 

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