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Our vision at Monkey Pen is to uplift the consciousness of children worldwide and foster the development of global citizens for a brighter future. We understand the profound impact that early experiences, such as reading and learning, have on shaping a child's mindset. Our commitment is to empower children to become confident communicators and equip them with the necessary tools to learn English effectively, opening doors to opportunities and a brilliant tomorrow.


Our mission is to create and translate 3650 free children's books into as many languages as possible. By offering a library of 3650 books, our goal is to enable children to read one book every day from the age of one to eleven, cultivating a lifelong love for reading and nurturing a global perspective. We are dedicated to providing quality free children's books accessible to children worldwide, regardless of their socioeconomic background, and empowering them to become high-consciousness global citizens.

About Me and the Team:

I was born in a village in Kerala, India, and grew up in a financially constrained environment where owning a storybook was considered a luxury. I relied on borrowing books from neighbors to fuel my love for stories. Coming from a Malayalam-medium educational background, I faced challenges with English communication throughout my life. As a result, I am deeply passionate about helping children worldwide, regardless of their circumstances, learn English and become confident individuals.

Currently based in London and working as a UI/UX designer, I have achieved personal success and stability. However, I measure my true greatness by the number of lives I can positively impact and serve. With the support of writers, artists, and everyone joining me on this journey, my aim is to serve the universe by enabling a billion children to read my books during my lifetime and beyond. This is my humble contribution to the world.

I aspire to dedicate myself full-time to Monkey Pen so that together, we can accelerate the process of creating more books. With 50 books already completed and 75 more in progress, we recognise that there is still a long way to go before reaching our goal of publishing 3650 books.

Join us in our mission to nurture high-consciousness global citizens who will shape a brighter tomorrow.

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