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Copyright Issues

We create portraits and caricatures from images provided by our clients. However, our clients are responsible and liable for the images they provide; they must have the copyright and legal permission to reproduce the images they upload.

Copyright lasts the lifetime of the photographer or artist + 70 years. The copyright owner of an image is the photographer or the artist and only she/he can reproduce the artwork as a print or painting. Purchasing the image does not automatically give you the right to reproduce it unless you have obtained the permission in the purchase contract. So if you want to reproduce a photo not clicked by you, ensure that you have the permission of the photographer before placing the order with us.

If you fail to comply with copyright laws, it may result in civil or criminal penalties.

Offensive Images: 

Our clients are responsible and liable for the photos and images that are uploaded on our site. We can refuse to reproduce any photo or image that is offensive or harmful to an individual or a community. We can also refuse to make portraits from images which display cruelty to animals.

Commitment to client privacy:

We maintain strict secrecy with respect to all the personal details and information shared with us by the clients, using only the data required to complete the order. We do not share any client data, including client name, address and email with any third party. We do not keep the client’s credit-card information and all payments are made through secured gateways like PayPal 

Changes to Terms and Conditions:

We reserve the right to modify, add or delete these terms and conditions of use, in whole or in part, at any time. Changes in the terms and conditions of use will be effective from the time it is posted. Our clients agree to review these terms and conditions of use regularly to keep themselves updated about changes, if any. Our clients’ continued use of this website, after any changes to these terms and conditions of use,is considered to mean acceptance of those changes.


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