Photo Advice

Since we work from the photos provided by you, make sure you follow instructions and send good, clear photos to us. You can email up to 6 images from your laptop or phone; make sure to inform us of your favorite. Please send us all the details required for creating the portrait or caricature and also any special requirements you may have. We can combine two or more photos to create a portrait or caricature for you.


Close Up - In Focus - Good Light

advice about good photo for portrait


Blurred - Dark - Too Distant

information about poor image for portrait


When you place an order for a pet portrait, give us details about your pet’s name, age and breed. When you send us a photo of your pet, make sure it is a clear outdoors photo, in natural light, with your pet’s eye color clearly visible. It is best to take the photo at its level, while it is looking at you. 

Remember to follow this photo advice, since the portrait/ caricature creation is about capturing the personality of the subject and not just about copying a photo. Our team of artists has a great deal of expertise, so do contact us if you need some professional advice on photo quality or portrait composition. We look forward to hearing from you.

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