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Educational posters are one of the effective ways and a popular choice among the schools and parents where most kids prefer visual learning. This helps the students to memorize the information over a long time. Good quality and bright poster sheets will decorate your kids' playroom or their classrooms.

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Farm Animal Poster for Kids

001: Farm Animal Educational Poster

Categories: Age 2-5, Age 6-9

A beautiful free educational poster of farm animals for young learners with accurate word labels. Print off this poster to display on the bulletin board or in the kids’ bedroom.  

 Days of the Week Poster for Kids

002: Days of the Week Poster for Kids

Categories: Age 2-5, Age 6-9

This printable poster of Days of the Week can be laminated and put on the wall or be used as a colourful printable that can be cut into cards.

 Fruit Poster for Kids

003:Fruit Chart for Children

Categories: Age 2-5, Age 6-9

Wall art for kids is a great teaching aid. Print out this poster for your classroom or bedroom will help the kids identify different types of fruits.

Number Chart for Kids

004: Number Chart for Toddlers

Categories: Age 2-5, Age 6-9

Print out these large number pictures and see if the kids can recognize the numbers and write them correctly.   

Rainbow Poster for Kids

005: Rainbow Poster for Kids

Categories: Age 2-5, Age 6-9

Create a learning environment in your kid’s room by decorating it with this educational chart.

Healthy Eating Poster for Kids

006: Healthy Eating Educational Chart

Categories: Age 2-5, Age 6-9

Beautiful poster which reminds the kids of valuable advice which says “Eat the rainbow”. A healthy lifestyle depends on what we eat healthily.

3D Shapes Poster for Kids

007: 3D Shapes Educational Poster

Categories: Age 2-5, Age 6-9

Make your child’s learning experience easier using these posters. These early educational charts help turn your kid's room into a classroom.  

Alphabet Picture Poster for Kids

008: Alphabet Picture Chart for Toddlers

Categories: Age 2-5, Age 6-9

This quirky set of upper case and lower-case alphabet charts can be used in all sorts of learning and fun activities. Each alphabet comes with a picture beginning with that letter, and we've tried to make them appealing to younger kids.  

Colour Poster for Kids

009: Colour Chart for Children

Categories: Age 2-5, Age 6-9

Our colour poster will prepare your child to be a step ahead of the pack by knowing all the most popular colours before they ever enter preschool!! 

Insects Poster for Kids

010: Insects Poster for Kids

Categories: Age 2-5, Age 6-9


With the beautiful bright colours, your child will hardly be able to step away from the chart. Easily teach your child the insects name with this attractive poster.

Showing 1 - 10 of 50 Free Educational Posters

If you have been homeschooling your kids this year, you know how helpful educational posters can be. There is so much to learn in school, which can be overwhelming as you try to teach it all and ensure your kids understand the concepts. Visual educational poster can help make the task easier for you and your munchkin. At Monkey Pen, we have a vast list of free educational posters for kids that are perfect for young children. You can hang these posters in your classroom or at home for kids to acquire knowledge in a suitable way in which they learn better.

Impacts of Educational Posters

Most kids are visual learners, which is why educational posters are a popular choice for school and at home. At school, teachers use kid’s posters to teach various subjects. Parents can now adapt and enjoy the same educational opportunities at home. You can download our free children’s posters to foster a learning environment in your children’s bedroom or playroom. A colorful alphabetic poster is a sure bet to help your little loved ones learn ABC…!
Here are the advantages of using posters as a visual aid in the learning process.

1. Kid’s poster grabs learners full attention

Educational posters are an effective way to catch and hold the attention of your kid or student as well as maintain their interests in the subject. Kids respond emotionally and intellectually to visual pictures. When you want your students to take in and retain complex information in their long-term memory, a poster can support that process. Although in a classroom full of students and different posters can be a major distraction for students with ADHD, but with the right strategy on the usage of posters, you can help these pupils to concentrate and better process information.

2. Motivates Students

Getting your kids to sit down with their notebooks to read can be the most boring thing. Children are significantly influenced by the things they see; hence, what you hang on the wall can have a strong significance in their educational process and kids' development. Bright and vivid posters with motivational pictures and phrases can enhance their desire for learning and help them learn for a long time. Posters can motivate students to study a specific topic or subject very quickly. Grab your free posters from our unending list to stimulate and enhance your kid's creativity and curiosity, which will increase their desire for learning.

3. Educational posters for kids help with focus

Educational posters make the learning process more enjoyable. They can improve leaning as they present an opportunity to create a clear picture of what the teacher or parent is teaching. Kids will be able to understand the subject much better if they see the illustrations reflecting the topic. As a result, posters aids train the brain, push creativity forward, make students think about problems, their solution, and establish the base of what they are learning. This helps students focus on a particular idea, fact, event, or process through visual posters.

4. Enables students to comprehend the concept better

Educational posters are a perfect tool for every classroom or kids’ bedroom and playroom because they can make complex information easier to understand. This helps students to comprehend an idea better as they can keep the concept in mind for a longer time. Basically, visualized ideas are easier to remember. And let’s face the truth; colorful posters can make any environment more exciting and captivating for studying. To help your kids to remember everything you have taught them, download free children’s posters here. They will help you, kids, to absorb learning material very fast.

5. Induces Constant Learning

By hanging posters in the classroom, living room, playroom, or in the kid’s bedroom encourages constant learning. Even when the kids play their favorite games by just looking around the playroom, they can gain some knowledge. Images are said to be evocative than words, and most people find learning more effective when transmitted visually, and a poster is one best way to do that.

Recommendations on the usage of kid’s posters

Despite the many benefits of using educational posters for kids, its success and its effectiveness depend upon the correct selection and correct utilization of these visual posters. You cannot just take any poster and present it to your kids or pupils.

Selecting appropriate Poster type

1. Student Age: when choosing a poster, a parent or a teacher must consider the age of his or her kids or pupils. I will be pointless to use a complicated poster for a 4-year-old kid. A childish poster will also be poorly received by the high school students. As you download your free posters for your kids and students, choose appropriately depending on their age.

2. Posters Features: A good poster should display simplicity, brevity, appropriateness, attractive design, and color combination. It should also motivate and inspire pupils to learn. Our endless list of posters exhibits all these features to ensure your kid gets the full benefits from it. Grab yours now in PDF form free of charge.

3. The logical structure of a poster: An educational poster must have a logical structure. To avoid confusing students, it should follow a logical sequence from top to bottom. It should also not contain unnecessary images. Our educational posters aim at fostering students learning in an easy and fun way. Whether you are looking for home posters or school posters for your students, Monkey pen got you covered. You can download them any of the posters here free of charge.

Our free downloadable educational posters are a great addition to any room. They add extra spice to a classroom lesson to make your student or kids very engaging during the learning process. We have a wide range and always growing printable lovely illustrated posters for young kids that are perfect for usage at home or school. Use these colorful displays to help your little ones learn the alphabets, colors, shapes, letters, and much more in a fun and exciting way. When used in a home or classroom setting, we recommend that you laminate these posters for durability.

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