Photo upload

Please go through our photo advice before uploading the photographs for the personalised children’s books: 

Suitable Photos

Facing the camera with a smile
Good lighting
Nothing covering face or head

In focus colour photographs
Showing full hair
High resolution / good quality

Unsuitable Photos

 Not facing the camera
Bad lighting
Not in focus

Face or head is obstructed
Hair not showing
Bad resolution

  • We need at least one good photograph to sketch the illustrations for the book. However, we would prefer that you upload two suitable photographs so our artists can choose the best photo suitable for the book. 

  • The most suitable formats for creating the illustrations are JPG, JPEG and PNG images.

  • High resolution, good quality photographs will get you the best results.

  • Passport size close-ups, with a smile, are great for creating illustrations.

  • The child’s entire face and hair should be visible in the photographs. There should be nothing covering the face or the head/hair (no caps or headbands).

  • The child’s front profile should be visible on the photograph (not side profile).

  • The child’s hairstyle should be clearly visible. For girls with long hair, the entire hair length should be visible in the photographs.

  • In case the photographs uploaded are not suitable, we will contact you for additional images.
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