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Where it began…

One fine day, a group of friends and fellow-artists decided to come together to launch their dream venture. The idea was not just to achieve success but to ‘make a dent in the universe’. A whopping, big one.... "A 10 Thousand Free Children’s Book Project"

The Vision:

We believe that books should be the cornerstone of every childhood and we are committed to making this dream a reality with our "10 Thousand Free Children’s Book Project". The books created as a part of this project will provide children with access to quality books that entertain and educate. While entertaining the children, the books will also instil them with values and skills, that traditional schools do not teach. I.e Money management, relationship building, investment in health, self-mastery: these are some issues of critical importance that the books will illuminate for the young readers. The purpose is to catalyze a process, which will transform the children of today into kind and conscious global citizens of tomorrow.

The Mission:

Ten thousand free children’s books - that’s Monkey Pen’s mission and we hope that you will partner us on this exciting journey. Monkey Pen has already kick-started the ‘Free Book Project’ with creation of some new titles (click here), which will be financed by the sales of personalised children’s books. Each book sale contributes to one page of the free book, and each customer then becomes a partner in the ‘Free Book Project’. All the profits from the personalised children’s books will be rolled back into the ‘Free Book Project’, eventually providing thousands of free children’s books to young readers everywhere.

Partner with us:

When you choose Monkey Pen, you choose to deal with a company that has a strong value system and a reputation for highly professional services. We are quick, reliable, provide value for money and always deliver to the deadline. With a rating of 9.2 out of 10 on the Trustpilot Reviews, it is clear that customer satisfaction is guaranteed with Monkey Pen. Join us in our mission to create dynamic global citizens for a better tomorrow, by partnering with us in the “10 Thousand Free Children’s Book Project”.

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