THAT book! The favorite?

After a few good minutes at the book-shelf, she has made her pick. Make no mistake, it is the same book you read yesterday. And the many days before that. "Sweetheart, there are so many different books to try...shall we read this one tonight?", and you pick another one. "But I want this one." You know the conversation has ended quickly.


So, why do young readers want the same book read to them every night? What is it about that one book that makes it so appealing? We have a list of reasons that could possibly offer some explanation. Here they are...

1. Characters with strong personalities

Children make friends with book-characters and they'll be as real to them as daylight and watermelons. For instance, if Maisy went to the hospital and took an X-Ray, your child might want to pay her a visit. 

2. Illustrations full of life.

The more action, the more life in the illustrations, the more your child would want to see them. I've seen a two-year-old who can watch a particular action of the Kung Fu Panda, a million times and more. The point is, motion matters. Expressive illustrations go a long way when measuring the likeability of a book.

3. Great story, a great theme

Be it Eric Carle's 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' or Julia Donaldson's, ' What the Ladybird Heard', the plot should be clear and easy to relate to. Kids love a great story after all. 

4. Rhyme and Rhythm

That's something that makes them chuckle and chortle. It's exhilarating to join in the blabber and be a little silly with them. They do fun best!

5. Interaction

This is important for all ages. Books like "That's Not My..." series have different textures for the baby to experience. Secret letters, sounds, quizzes, etc. count in making a rich interactive experience for the child.

There might a number of other things that increase the appeal of a children's book. These are just five of them. In any case, when your toddler wants you to read 'that' book, thinking of 'Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie' might help!

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