In an increasingly digital world, the role of a children’s library as an important institution is often undervalued. But it is precisely the onslaught of gadgets and technology in a child’s life that makes the role of the library more important than ever. A library is not just a place that houses books, it is a place where children learn to explore and imagine a world beyond their own. It is a space where the young readers interact with the varied community of book lovers. The value of a children’s library extends well beyond merely teaching a child literacy skills.

Library = More Reading

It’s simple math and it really works in keeping children glued to the books and away from gadgets. Spending time browsing through stacks of books keeps the young minds active and gives children the chance to discover new books and new authors. Most children, who have access to libraries read more, have better language skills and a broader literary taste.

Library Activities

The children are able to access a variety of activities and programmes organised by a children’s library. School libraries, community libraries and government libraries are all known to organise programmes that encourage interest in arts and creativity. Through drawing and writing competitions, interactions with writers, storytelling sessions and book readings, children are encouraged to give vent to their own creativity. With books as a common meeting point, children not only build up a sense of community but also acquire the social skills required for the future.

Educational Support

A children’s library is an open space for accessing not only data and information but also high-quality digital resources. By providing these resources to all the children in the community, a library provides educational support to children who may lack access to academic guidance in their homes. Library rules also make it a preferred place for those students who need a quiet place to study undisturbed after school hours.

Empowering children

The wide range of newspapers, magazines and books available in a library enable children to not only access information but also to process and evaluate the information they receive. In addition, library programmes that engage with community and NGOs create social awareness at a young age and empower the children to be future solution providers. In fact, it would be fair to say that a good school library promotes a knowledge-driven community for the future.

A Library is a unique resource for a happy and healthy childhood and hence should be made available to every child. Whether it is a home library, school library or a community library – a library is a child’s lifeline to the world and all the wisdom in it.
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