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Dylan The Dragon - Read Children's Books Online Free


Categories: Age 4-7 / Age 8-12

In this classic tale, Dylan learns to make friends despite obstacles. And when the happily ever after arrives, both the dragon and the reader have learnt a thing or two about relationships. 

Jessie The Rabbit - Bedtime Book Online


Categories: Age 4-7 / Age 8-12

He sneaked into the rabbit hole at the slightest inkling of danger. He always wore an air of caution. He was the lily-livered bunny of the jungle.So they thought. Until one day a fire broke out and the tables were turned. The forest had found a braveheart to love. There’s more of this captivating story in this free children’s story book online.Enjoy!

Do You Wonder Why Bugs Are Good? - Children's Big Books Online


Categories: Age 4-7 / Age 8-12

Those little beauties have inspired so many stories. But where oh where did they get their name from? Why are they called the ladybugs? A tale that tells us emphatically that everything on earth has a purpose to serve. A free children’s book read aloud that is an absolute treat .

A Trick Trike - Children's Books Online Pdf


Categories: Age 4-7 / Age 8-12

Little Ross was sad. He didn’t have a nice new tricycle like all the other children. All he had was an old hand-me-down trike. After sulking he decided to do something about it and made a “trick trike” that was the envy of the neighborhood.


Categories: Age 4-7 / Age 8-12

If only those fishes had listened to Kroaker, if only they were a little wiser than brave.Let this good moral book for children be part of your next read aloud day and enjoy their attention in full.

Mix It Up - Childrens Books Online

016: MIX IT UP

Categories: Age 4-7 / Age 8-12

Sally was thoroughly bored on this snowy day until she decided to step out and beat the cold. And she returned to the smell of her favorite hot cocoa wafting in the air. A perfect day! Read more about it in this free children’s stories online.

Up In The Air - Short Stories For Kids Pdf


Categories: Age 0-3 / Age 4-7

Flight is fascinating especially if you ‘re a child. Balloons, birds, rockets, butterflies..the list goes on. Read this wonderful free children’s book about a little boy’s love for all things that fly. It will leave you wishing for a pair of wings for sure.

Hey Mom, What Is Diversity - Read Children's Books Online Free


Categories: Age 4-7 / Age 8-12

Sally learns how our differences makes the world a happier places to live. If not for them, the world would be a terribly boring place to be. A thoughtful and witty story encouraging us to open our eyes and embrace the diversity around us, complete with fun illustrations in this free children’s bed time story.

Bubble Fun - Bedtime Book Online


Categories: Age 4-7 / Age 8-12

When the last bubble popped, he was gone but a piece of paper lay on the ground.On it was written …
The wondrous and delicate world of bubbles, crafted with unchained imagination. Read on this to immerse yourself in this free story book for kids with pictures.

Hector The Hermit Crab - Children's Stories Free Online


Categories: Age 4-7 / Age 8-12

When Jimmy and Tammy bring home an unusual pet, they thought all was fine. But then it struck them that their pet wasn’t happy at all. Find out what they did next in this wonderful tale of empathy and compassion. Read this free children’s book about Hector the hermit crab and how he made it back to the ocean from the aquarium, thanks to two fine young gentlemen.

Showing 11 - 20 of 50 Free Children's Books

Bedtime stories are incredible

Children love bedtime stories, reading stories to them make their bedtime more joyful and fun-filled. This develops reading and storytelling skills of children, and an excellent opportunity to cultivate the young mind with our free children’s bedtime story books online.

Make children’s bed time more fun and joyful

Reading take your children to a whole new world of fiction, this in turn induce your children’s creative portion. Bedtime stories are great to travel into new worlds of joy, reading bedtime stories before they fall asleep can feed their brain something to digest. Check our free children’s bedtime story books online download to encourage your children’s reading and language development that help them to improve their literacy skills in a joyous way. Personalised children story books makes your children reading more skittish and enjoyable that connects them deeply by visualizing themselves in the stories.

Interesting illustrative characters

Creative illustrations of stories help you dramatize the story as you read, the story are narrated in such a way, you can understand each character deeply and enact them to add more fun to child’s bedtime stories. This brings more fun to your children’s bedtime, by reading new stories every time by downloading our free children bedtime story books online.

Nurturing regular reading habit

When it comes to bring up children, it is important to cultivate good habit like reading, which is a best practice to infer reading cognitive benefits in future. Our online free children’s bedtime story books are enjoyable that make children to get associated with reading story with emotional warmth and joy.

More joy in the end of the day

Bedtime stories are the key to maximize joy at night. It brings not only the quiet time before bed but also gives enjoyable time for you and your children. This creates great bond between you and your children. Eventually, this increases reading skills and make the child to understand the world of reading better.

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